Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kombucha! Now on Draft

Our Dr. Brew Kombucha is a wonderfully satisfying beverage that has all kinds of health benefits. It is a fermented drink made from the finest quality teas. It tastes delicious and we rotate flavors regularly. It's available on draft and tastes great served in a frosty mug. Currently we are serving the Superberry and Clear Mind. Come in and try a complimentary sample today!

Kombucha may be an acquired taste, but once you feel the effects you'll see why it's worth it. At Southeast Grind our goal is to served food and beverages that make your belly happy and Kombucha does just the trick. With all those live cultures floating around this elixir will surely bring balance and vitality to your body, mind and soul. Kombucha is a drink that's been enjoyed for hundreds of years the world over and has been a beneficial tonic for healthy digestion, normalizing your ph levels, and a good appetite suppressant.

We choose to go with Brew Dr. Kombucha from Townshend's Tea in our effort to stay local. Townshend's Tea Shop on Alberta is a great little tea house with hundreds of loose leaf teas available. The great part about Brew Dr. is that they start with the finest quality teas so the overall taste and quality is better than any that we've ever tried. Plus we just love to support other local businesses:)

Since the Kombucha is on draft we'll rotate through flavors but the best reccomendation for someone who hasn't tried Kombucha before is the Superberry. It's a nice flavorful combination of Elderberry, Hibiscus, Rose Hips and Black Currant. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, we'll probably always have this one available. Also currently on draft is Clear Mind. This one's good for all you students trying to stay alert to get that 10 page paper done by 8 am. Full of Ginkgo, Rosemary and Sage this one is great for concentration, memory and circulation.

16 oz frosty mugs are $4.00

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